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Journey to Womb Wealth and Wellness

Uterine fibroids affect over 70% of Black women, globally.  This is a critical issue that goes unlooked in our communities and healthcare systems.

To activate solutions, this December, Travel Deeper Inc. will host  “A Journey to Womb Wealth and Wellness.”  The event is an onsite activation, part of a year-long Fibroid Awareness Campaign, focused on connecting Black women across the global diaspora and raising awareness about women’s health.

Join us on Dec 9! 

Patrons can expect:

Connection: Meet and engage with other women, share stories and discuss how they are advocating for their bodies, and prioritizing their peace of mind.

Information: You will learn how womb health impacts Black women’s lives, particularly, and develop the skills to advocate for yourself with healthcare professionals.

Restoration: Sharpen skills to care for your mind, body, and soul through holistic methods and learn about natural medicine alternatives.

Tickets come with special wellness gifts and lunch

RSVP, secure your spot and join a community that values profound exploration, self-care, and collective well-being! 

For more information about the event and campaign, visit 

For questions about the event or partnership opportunities, contact us: 


Phone: 020 206 1746

WhatsApp: +12679738667

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