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Travel Deeper: A Journey to Womb Wealth

Connecting Black Women WorldWide

We know from African tradition that storytelling is power. For generations it has been a foundation of our culture on the continent and throughout the diaspora. As women, it is critical for us to own the narrative around our wombs, share with our sisters, daughters, mothers and learn from one another. 

A little over a year ago, I received a shocking ultrasound diagnosis of fibroids from my doctor in Accra. I was clueless and felt frustrated with myself for not knowing. These fibroids explained my persistent anemia and the supplements didn’t seem to help. Iron infusion therapy was immediately prescribed, and I couldn’t believe that these fibroids were the reason behind my constant fatigue and other health issues. I delved into my medical records, feeling angry and disappointed for not asking questions earlier. 

Taking action, I sought guidance from my doctors in the US, questioning why the fibroids went unnoticed for so long. I hadn’t experienced extreme pain symptoms, and my menstrual cycle wasn’t significantly heavier until recently. Was there something I was supposed to ask? Should I have been screened? Tests were eventually conducted, leading to a decision for surgery.

“For many reasons ranging from generational trauma to vitamin deficiencies and obesity, women of African descent have disproportionately endured womb health challenges, such as uterine fibroids.” 

About 5 months ago, I underwent a myomectomy (fibroid surgery) after researching several options. Given the location of the visible fibroids and the uncertainty of what else might be present, my surgeon recommended an “open” myomectomy, a type of surgery that involves a “bikini cut” incision on my lower abdomen to remove the fibroids from my uterine wall. The uterine muscle was then carefully stitched back together. My surgeon successfully removed 7 fibroids, ranging from the size of a grapefruit to the size of a grape, from my uterus. It was comforting to have a surgical team composed of all Black women, which instilled a sense of trust, along with my faith in God.

As a result of my experience and speaking with many women (including my family members for the first time) before and after surgery about their approaches to solutions to receive relief and ultimate healing – health and nutrition advice, mental health support, you name it, I knew we needed more spaces and opportunities to learn from one another. Why not Travel Deeper Inc.? 

Travel Deeper Inc. is not just about vacation. Yes, that is important. And in the spirit of pan-africanism, the idea that people of African descent have common interests and should be unified, we support and help connect people around common issues and causes through partnership and cultural diplomacy. 

In this instance, we are talking about connecting Black women worldwide.  We are inviting Black women to travel with us as we embark on a journey of education, inspiration, and healing – looking inside ourselves as the key to our womb health. 

Starting this July as part of Travel Deeper Inc.’s efforts to connect issues impacting the African diaspora, and in recognition of Fibroid Awareness Month, we will begin a year-long journey Travel Deeper: A Journey to Womb Wealth. We salute the numerous efforts happening in the US and internationally and seek to build on them. 

Our goals: 

  1. Increase awareness about Fibroids and womb wellness through story telling. 
  2. Promote early detection as a systemic solution to increase global awareness amongst health institutions/policy makers.  
  3. Increase the number of fibroid screenings amongst Black women.  
  4. Inform and educate women on how to better advocate for themselves in medical settings.   
  5. Share resources that promote holistic healing. 

What you can expect from us:

  • Regular blogging, sharing on social media.    
  • Virtual conversations with experts, including Black women, medical and homeopathic doctors, academics, advocates, public health specialists. 
  • A wellness experience in December 2023 in Ghana open to Black women across the diaspora. 
  • Call to Actions designed to promote self-advocacy, transform patient care and address inequity.  
  • A Journey to Womb Wealth” 7-day retreat experience in Ghana summer 2024, where we will invite women on a cultural and historic tour focused on learning and unlearning, healing and joy!  

A Call To Action

  • Advocate for fibroid screening at your next OBGYN/ healthcare provider check-up. Share your story with the hashtag #MyWombWealthAction. 
  • Post your fibroid story and the steps you took to find solutions with the hashtag #MyWombWealthAction. 

Travel Deeper with us on this most audacious journey! Follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for updates.  

About Kisha Bird

Kisha Bird is a travel enthusiast, pan-african, and seasoned racial and social justice advocate.  She is the founder of Travel Deeper Inc. and helps Black people travel to Africa and connect with their roots.

About Travel Deeper Inc. Travel Deeper Inc. is a U.S. based Black woman-owned and operated small business. We specialize in curated travel experiences to West Africa, supporting local artisans and entrepreneurs, and connecting Black people across the diaspora through partnerships, public discourse and community conversations.

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